Ceefax 1985 from a Betamax tape

The current tape is from a batch from a school.  It seems that part of the oxide from the tape had clogged the heads on the VCR, so I had to get the swabs and IPA out last night.

The video’s working again now so the next bit from the tape is from BBC2 in 1985.  The recording is from the last schools programme for the day and has the BBC2 clock dropping back into the test card.  Although there was plenty of tape left it’s the last thing recorded on it, so maybe the oxide was dropping off the tape at the time so it was abandoned.

Anyway as the tape is going through the recovery process I can see that there are data in packet 31 relating to horse races and betting odds.  I’ll have to run it through the Telfax software I wrote to see if there are pages in there or whether it is just raw data.

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