4-Tel On View and ORACLE On View found

I found 35 minutes or so of 4-Tel On View at the end of a tape recently, from Thursday 20th November 1986 (click ‘Continue Reading’ if you can’t see the video):

It also has the benefit of some ETP-1 at the end for test card fans!

There was teletext data on the tape too of course, but the tape was pretty shot and losing its oxide, so I had to keep stopping the recording to clean the heads on the VCR.  I’ve edited the stoppages out though so hopefully you won’t be able to tell!  Because the tape is a bit mashed the data that came out weren’t that great.  Manually fixable though if I had the time:

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  1. Fantastic stuff!! I may have to contact my parents about this. They’ve got tons of stuff on VHS and quite possible some may have teletext on them.

    1. Hi Liam! If the recordings are recorded off-air from a TV channel then they probably do! The only exception would be post-2012 recordings and some digital satellite channels. Everything else will have teletext 🙂


  2. I seem to remember the days when Channel 4 didn’t show anything other than IBA ETP1 and teletext information pages accompanied by music until early afternoon.

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