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The Industrious Ant @superwonderstar
This has been on my desk for nearly a year now, so time to take a closer look. Behold, the mighty Softel SE3027, a professional rack-mount equipment whose only mission in life is to display teletext pages “in-vision”. (thread)

This is an uncanny likeness for yours truly 😉
grim_fandango photo
horsenburger @Horsenburger
Yes, a second new teletext pic for you today, I am spoiling you.

Its Manuel "Manny" Calavera from #GrimFandango

Bit in here about how teletext is still used for subtitles. Sky still use teletext for subtitles. More ⬇️

Thanks Dan 🙂
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Dan Farrimond @illarterate
Time for some NEW #teletext art.

Teletext-VHS, a #pixelart tribute to @grim_fandango @timbisley5 @ZXGuesser & all other teletext recovery legends.

Narrowly beat @pixelblip1 to 1st place (by 4 votes!) at @Flashparty_ar @FlashpartyOk in the Text Art (Teletext) category yesterday