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Here’s @bbcmicrobot ‘s tool for converting video into mode 7. It’s a relatively simple step to convert to a raw teletext stream after this.

Shh! Keep these secret Ceefax data quiet! These pages are converted from data packets in the invisible rows of Ceefax. They are raw data, so they are a bit all over the place, but there is a test message containing technical info and a weather page. FTSE info is in there too. grim_fandango photo

Teletext pages have rows 0-24 which you can see on a TV, but there are also rows 25-31 you can't. This is data from BBC2 Ceefax in 1987 from row 31 which has been converted into a normal teletext page so we can see them. It's the FTSE 100, presumably live data for brokers etc. grim_fandango photo