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Give this a watch, it’s great fun! Reminds me of Tiswas but without the custard pies. was great, you could watch Ceefax on your phone! Only a few pages seem to have been archived, see what you can find!

Great to speak to Dan and Ravi about all things teletext! Please give it a listen and subscribe, it's a very professionally produced podcast.

And finally, it's 1984, and Bet Lynch takes over as landlady of the Rover's in #CoronationStreet... grim_fandango photo

A few odds and ends now: a bonfire night recipe using Smash, some nice drawings to illustrate children's books and a pound off blank VHS. People of 1984: archive television programmes and send them to me! (1984) grim_fandango photo

...which bumped the schools' programmes from their usual schedules. Can't believe Channel Four ditched the test card in favour of the CBI conference. (1984) grim_fandango photo