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Wish I could have gone, could have made a “Teletext for Europe” sign

He’s right, this is a good one!
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Horsenburger @Horsenburger
The winner of the #teletext Birthday Poll for the 20th March is the great director #SpikeLee

Happy Birthday Spike!

#teletextart #Pixelart
(I think this is one of the best I've done in a while, even if I do say so myself, I hope you like it)

Wonder if Level 5 teletext would have looked a bit like this?
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Rob @ViewdataUK
A poor photograph of a black and white book print of a poor photograph showing off the high resolution colour graphics of #PicturePrestel. Ummm..

Not actually planned for Prestel, it will be "made available" to purchasers of other systems by 1983

What's £47.50 in today's money?

Like the use of (I think) $7f for the staggered look on the trunk!