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Check this out, from the dawn of hand-held gaming. Primary use would be to take to school to relieve boredom, right kids? Picture of actual watch here: (1981) grim_fandango photo

Behind the scenes at Ceefax! BBC Micro in view here: were they used for editing pages? Or perhaps it’s for managing telesoftware.
BBC Archive @BBCArchive
Ceefax pages move too fast, or maybe they’re too slow, the spelling is often rubbish and as for the spoliers on the sports results…

#Onthisday 1987: Open Air visited the thrilling headquarters of Ceefax to give people a chance to air their grievances.

This video describes a method of getting packet 31 data into a PC from a decoder box

More weird hidden test data in Ceefax packet 31. I had to turn some control codes off so this could be seen (1988) grim_fandango photo