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Great find: some Digitiser pages from the dry runs before launch. So there will have been unbroadcast!
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Super Page 58 @superpage58
I’ve been picking up vintage mags that covered Digi. Always thought the Feb 93 issue of Sega Pro with a story on its launch had pics from the 1st week, until I got it in hand. Look: a review of Sonic 2; the index has a review of Gradius. Is this is a pre-launch dry run @mrbiffo?!

This is how we used to archive teletext before we could get it off videotape! Saved to disk at the time.
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Elvis Kline @Elviskline
@grim_fandango Mode 7 BBC page grabs. Looking at the other files on the disc i must have been playing with my satellite feed at work. A few homepages only saved. Probably over a few different days.