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Here's a work in progress. It's what I want to do with the whole archive (only a few pages in it just now): make it searchable. Here're some screenshots showing it working - a search for the word 'million', the amusing result, and when you drill down you get the original page. grim_fandango photo

Put some time aside to give this a listen. It’d still be a great show even if I wasn’t in it!
grim_fandango photo
Dan Farrimond @illarterate
NEW @TeletextR Podcast episode: Talking #Teefax and the media.

We discuss @PeterKVT80's rise to television superstardom & and launch #Teletext50 to celebrate teletext's upcoming half century. Pic: @TammyLynn_17

Also featured: @grim_fandango @WJD2owls