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Ooo, this has it all: teletext, ZX Spectrum, Atari VCS, idents, test cards, Level 2 teletext and some glitching at 17m in. And: Julio Iglesias!
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Archivo RTVE @ArchivoRTVE
Hoy hace 31 años. El 16 de mayo de 1988 nacía el Teletexto de @tve_tve. Así ‘se preparó’ a la población ante su llegada 👉 #FelizJueves

Just popping by to post this for @superwonderstar - see you all later! (1988) grim_fandango photo

Do it again!
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Dan Farrimond @illarterate
It's exactly 3 years since the #Teletext Block Party workshop at #rpten Republica Festival in Berlin.

Perhaps the most memorable artwork is the one by @stonroklas. He spent a couple of hours and a few teletext worksheets on it! 🙂