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AFAIK there are still tickets for Digi Live... and I’ll be showing teletext recoveries and a guest on a panel at ChunkyFest just beforehand! And I will be in the bar afterwards🍺 Get yourself down there!

Finally, a few more charts. I'll just draw your attention to it being a CD32 title top of the CD charts. For full disclosure I should add that I am still an active Amiga user. (1994) (tape h/t @JimTheSG) @mrbiffo @superpage58 grim_fandango photo

Digitiser charts now...and Digi is spoiling us with all this Amiga coverage! (1994) (tape h/t @JimTheSG) @mrbiffo @superpage58 grim_fandango photo

Letters have a look at the postbag ba-dum tish! And The Man with the Long Chin appears to have passed on (1994) (tape h/t @JimTheSG) @mrbiffo @superpage58 grim_fandango photo

Here's an Amiga review for Mr Nutz (which sounds like a top-shelf film to me) (1994) (tape h/t @JimTheSG) @mrbiffo @superpage58 grim_fandango photo