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The What's On page dips its toes north of the Watford Gap (1975) (h/t @thetvmuseum) grim_fandango photo

Computers, lies and nuclear war. Boom, science! (1975) (h/t @thetvmuseum) grim_fandango photo

Education now, and WHERE magazine seems to have been raided for these pages. Contains a rather militant approach to getting a creche set up (1975) (h/t @thetvmuseum) grim_fandango photo

The events section is a bit Home Counties focused (1975) (h/t @thetvmuseum) grim_fandango photo

Football scores from 1975. Some of the scores will be wrong on account of mashed data, so don't go putting a pools claim in based on this info (1975) (h/t @thetvmuseum) grim_fandango photo

Football League tables from 1975. The figures are most probably wrong due to corruption during recovery. The pages' data have been in the wars you might say. (1975) (h/t @thetvmuseum) grim_fandango photo