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Make yourself a brew and have a leaf through the rest of the Channel Four service I've been sharing tonight: grim_fandango photo

Here's a test page. Wonder what it was testing; there aren't any enhanced teletext packets in it. They must have been testing reactionary letters (1989) grim_fandango photo

The top 20 computer games chart from May 1989! I had an Amiga at that time, but none of those games. grim_fandango photo

Here's a couple of pages from Buzz. I knew the Shuttle was called Endeavour, but I didn't know they'd kept the correct spelling 😉 (1989) grim_fandango photo

The ORACLE jokes page was never a good place for jokes, but it was a fantastic place for art! Perhaps I should leave the puchlines unrevealed to spare you (1989) grim_fandango photo