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2012: just at the cusp of teletext recovery. I’d love to have spoken to him about his time at Ceefax.
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Russty_Russ #Retro @russty_russ
#OnThisDay in 2012 : Colin McIntyre sadly passed away, he was best remembered as the founding editor of Ceefax.

Morning, lovely people! I finally got to the bottom of the slowness on the Archive - it was caused by various webcrawler bots like Google, Bing and Yandex. They all get a 403 Forbidden now, but you get loads of lovely teletext to leaf through! Here look: grim_fandango photo

A thermal paper printout from Prestel
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Rob @ViewdataUK
Latest news from @LBofBexley (via @BexleyLibraries).. Sorry its taken 40 years. How's that Thamesmead River Crossing going, btw?

P198, the page used if BBC presentation wanted to show a Ceefax page on air: we have a promo for Gone With the Wind subtitles. P170 in those days - they didn't get to 888 until about March 1985. And: examples. The header should be suppressed here but isn't for some reason (1983) grim_fandango photo

Timberrrrr! It's the charts! I love one of the songs in this chart but I'm not going to tell you which one. It's not Black Lace either before you start (1983) grim_fandango photo