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Happy 60th birthday Tyne Tees! This is an actual card caption from the mid 70s. #TyneTeesDay #TT60 grim_fandango photo

Finally, here's the rarer slide to signify the end of Ceefax In Vision. I think this is the BBC2 version with it being red; BBC2 Ceefax had a red theme, whilst BBC1 was blue. (1983) grim_fandango photo

Couple of bits from the Telesoftware section now: issues between BASIC versions, and a page on Micro Live complete with the wrong spelling of programme. Tsk! (1983) grim_fandango photo

The teletext page-swap with Austrian broadcaster @ORFTELETEXT continues apace, showing the weather from some time ago. Wonder what Ceefax pages were shown in Austria? (1983) grim_fandango photo

Be rude not to have a look at the charts whilst we're here (1983) grim_fandango photo

Sunday morning TV now, and BBC1 strangely drops out to Ceefax before Micro Live. BBC2 appears to have test card after the OU and then 30 mins of Ceefax before Horizon. (1983) grim_fandango photo